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Caringor Your Wig

  • To avoid damaging your wig, use only special wig care products.
  • Wigs that are worn daily should be washed every 10-14 days, and more often if you're using a lot of hair spray and styling cream.
  • Shampoo according to the instructions that come with the wig, towel blot and spray lightly with wig conditioner.
  • Allow the wig to dry on a portable wig stand­ so that air can circulate through it­ without rinsing out the conditioner. Wig conditioner build-up is good for wigs. It protects the fiber and extends the life of the wig.
  • Keep in mind that wigs, especially those that are synthetic, may take up to 8-12 hours to dry.
  • Wig Lustre, or a similar product, should be used after the wig has been washed several times, to restore its original sheen.
  • Wigs should always be stored on a stand, not in a plastic bag or in a box.